As you may be aware, the United States Patent & Trademark Office issues new patents every Tuesday.  Approximately 8,000 patents are issued by the USPTO every week.  Many of these patents are issued to big companies.  However, some are granted to startups.  I will be highlighting some of these patents here every week.  Check back for your weekly dose of the Startup Patent Report.

Please use the comments to discuss which of these patents are most interesting.  While a vast majority of the issued patents are issued to big companies, there are many interesting young companies to choose from in any given week.  I would appreciate your comments regarding what types of companies and patents you are interested in seeing in this space in the future.

Without any further ado, this week’s list:

Expressor Software

Expressor Software provides data integration software.  The company was founded in 2007 and has received over 27 million in funding.  Expressor was granted patent #8,112,742, directed to a method and system for debugging data integration applications with reusable synthetic data values.  Expressor has four other published patent applications pending.


Billeo “provides consumers a free service that makes all online transactions convenient, simple and secure.”  The company has received over 11 million dollars in funding and has won numerous awards for its technology.  Patent #8,112,354 was granted to Billeo.  It is directed to a method for making a bill payment using a tool bar inside a browser.  Billeo has two other granted patents.


Afterbot “connects retailers to suppliers and customers through a comprehensive Collaborative Commerce platform.”  It has received 1.7 million in funding.  Afterbot was granted patent #8,112,356 directed to providing an automated secondary purchase opportunity to a user.  Afterbot has several other granted patents.


Veveo “simplifies access to web video content from Internet-connected devices.”  The company has received 14 million dollars in funding and has a large number of other patents issued to date.  Patent #8,112,454 is directed to presenting a collection of content items in which the presentation is ordered at least in part based on learned user preferences.  The patent is notable for the amount of prior art cited.


TimeSight “offers IP-based video surveillance and storage management solutions.”  TimeSight received 2.75 million dollars in funding.  This is the company’s first patent.  Patent #8,112,326 is directed to inventory management tracking control for video data.  Prosecution of this patent through the USPTO took an impressive seven years.