For the week of February 21, 2012, the USPTO issued 5,284 patents.  This was a good week for young companies, so I am dividing the report into two parts.  In part 1 below,  I discuss five patents issued to young companies Convey Computer, Ekinops, Kingsisle Entertainment, Better Place and Avalanche Technology that I found interesting.  Part 2  will be coming later this week.

Convey Computer

Convey Computer makes a hybrid core computer that combines x86 processors with hybrid core ASICs.  The company was granted its second U.S. patent, Patent No. 8,122,229.  The patent is directed to dispatching instructions of an executable file from a manufactured host processor to a heterogeneous co-processor.  Convey Computer was founded in 2006 and has received over 40 million in funding.  Follow Convey Computer on Twitter: @conveycomputer


Ekinops, a provider of next-generation optical transport solutions for service providers and private networks, was granted its second U.S. Patent, Patent No. 8,121,131.   The patent is directed to transmitting tributaries in synchronous mode at the link level of a data network.  Ekinops is headquartered in France.

Kingsisle Entertainment

Kingsisle Entertianment, founded in 2005, provides massively multiplayer online games.  The company appears to specialize in family oriented online games and is the maker of the online game Wizard 101.  Kingsisle received its first patent, U.S. Patent No. 8,118,673, directed to chatting in an online game by providing different chat levels with different rules for different characters in the game.  Follow Kingsisle Entertainment on Twitter: @kingsisle.

Better Place

Better Place, a well-funded company founded in 2007, focusing on developing a transportation infrastructure for electric vehicles, received its eighth patent.  U.S. Patent No. 8,118,147 is directed to a cable dispensing system.  Follow Better Place on Twitter: @btrplc.

Avalanche Technology

Avalanche Technology provides low power non-volatile magnetic memory.  The company has received its seventh patent since being founded in 2006.  U.S. Patent No.  8,120,949 is directed to a flash-RAM memory with a a non-volatile page-mode memory formed on top.  The company has received 19 million in funding from investors such as Sequoia Capital.