The first week of March saw a total of 5,333 patents issued by the USPTO.  Here are some of the most interesting ones.  This week’s patent report includes Actimagine, Whaleback Systems, Livestream, Redseal Systems, PopCap Games, BitGravity, Jumptap, Rapleaf and icueTV.


Actimagine SAS was acquired by Nintendo as a research and development branch.  The company provided a video codec software for mobile platforms.  Actimagine received its first U.S. Patent, No. 8,131,095.  The patent is directed to compressing a block in a sequence of images by identifying pixels that are most similar to that block.  Prior to its acquisition by Nintendo, Actimagine received over 4 million in funding. Follow Actimagine on Twitter: @Actimagine(account appears to be a placeholder).

Whaleback Systems

Whaleback, founded in 2004, integrates business voice, unified messaging, mobility,collaboration and contact centers into one reliable and intelligent service.  Whaleback received its first U.S. Patent, No. 8,130,769, directed to configuring a network device with device specific information received over a network.  The company has received over 11 million in funding.  Follow Whaleback Systems on Twitter: @WhalebackMSP.


Livestream provides real-time event coverage over the Internet, allowing anyone to broadcast live.  Livestream has received its first U.S. Patent, No. 8,128,503, directed to desktop software for providing live broadcast video from a sender to a receiver.  The video includes video packets corresponding to images shown on a screen of the sender computer.  These images can be either zoomed-in or non-zoomed-in, depending on the user’s selection. Livestream has received about 13 million in funding since being founded in 2007.  Follow Livestream on Twitter: @livestream.

Redseal Systems

Redseal provides security risk management software, such as firewall-router audit, network audit, PCI requirement-1 assessment, vulnerability management, and risk assessment.  Redseal has received its third U.S. Patent.  Patent No. 8,132,260 is directed to prioritization of remediation techniques for network security risks.  The company was founded in 2004 and has received 30 million dollars in funding. Follow RedSeal on Twitter: @redsealnetworks.

PopCap Games

PopCap, which was acquired for 1.3 billion by EA Games last year, has received its first U.S. Patent.  U.S. Patent No. 8,128,476 is directed to a computer game involving removing pegs.  This patent is related to PopCap’s Peggle game.  Prior to its acquisition, the company had received 22 million in funding since being founded in 2000.  Follow PopCap Games on Twitter: @popcap.


BitGravity provides a high-speed content delivery network suitable for streaming video or other high-bandwidth applications.  BitGravity has received its second U.S. Patent.   Patent No. 8,131,836 is directed to load balancing to nodes that share the same anycast IP address.  The company has 50 employees and 2.5 million in funding since being founded in 2006.  Follow BitGravity on Twitter: @bitgravity.


Jumptap provides a targeted mobile advertising network. Jumptap received its twenty-first U.S. Patent. Patent No. 8,131,737 is directed to selecting a location on a screen of a mobile phone for presenting targeted content.  The location is determined based on determining a likelihood of the user interacting with the phone when the advertisement is placed in the particular location.  The company was founded in 2005 and has received about 95 million in funding.  Follow Jumptap on Twitter: @jumptap.


Rapleaf helps leading brands, companies, and agencies personalize customer interactions through deeper customer insight.  Rapleaf can instantly return data such as age, gender and location on a given email address via its API.  Rapleaf received its second U.S. Patent, No. 8,131,745 is directed to a user correlation system that compares user data of a first unique ID at a first website with user data of a second unique ID at a second website and determines the likelihood that both unique IDs correspond to the same individual.  Thus, this patent appears to be core to Rapleaf’s technology.  The company has 54 employees and received 16 million in funding.  Follow Rapleaf on Twitter: @rapleaf.


icueTV provides tools for enabling interactive television, such as t-commerce, voting, polling and lead generation.  icueTV has received its first U.S. Patent.  Patent No. 8,132,212 is directed to allowing TV viewers to interact with broadcast program content using a remote control.   Follow icueTV on Twitter: @icuetv