I don’t often discuss non-IP topics here, but this article about Twitter’s chief lawyer Alexander Macgillivray and Twitter’s commitment to respecting users’ free speech rights is well worth a read:

“We value the reputation we have for defending and respecting the user’s voice,” Mr. Macgillivray said in an interview here at Twitter headquarters. “We think it’s important to our company and the way users think about whether to use Twitter, as compared to other services.”

As the article notes, Twitter’s position regarding free speech bears watching because of its potential conflict with the company’s bottom line.  As the company grows and decides whether to go public, it will be interesting to see how Twitter goes about monetizing all the data they’ve collected.  However, for now, while I don’t always agree with Twitter’s positions, I am glad to see them taking their commitment to free speech so seriously and using their resources to defend it zealously.