Odd Agro Mag and Tempo Mag are two similar, aggressive decks that rely on secrets and a lot of explosive damage. However, the Odd Magician is a bit slower than another one: he relies more on the table than Tempo Mag. Learn all the nuances of these two decks and use this knowledge when betting on https://hearthstonebets.com/.

In Aggro match-ups, the Odd Magician gains an edge over Tempo Mage. You are helped by the power of the hero, which in most cases you will direct to enemy creatures. Early creatures with great health for their value will also be useful: Keeper of secrets, Pyromaniac. Feel free to put them at a pace, in agro match-ups they play the role of vanilla creatures, the effects of which are not so important, unlike the characteristics. Check Tempo Mage deck guide.

Tips for Aggro Mage and Tempo Mage

Hold the table, do not let the enemy turn the game situation. Once secured on the field, go to action. Attack the enemy hero, direct the hero's power at him, use jerks. If there is a mass of explosive damage in your hand and you are planning to fly - all the more so do not get distracted by enemy creatures. But do not forget that you need to act aggressively only after you have strengthened your position on the table. Attacking from the first moves is not the best idea.

The advantage of the Odd Magician is also in the death knight. If you manage to live up to Jaina's Ice Lich and play it painlessly, then in most cases it will be “autowalk”. Few of the aggressive opponents will cope with the invasion of the endless Elementals of water.

Tempo Mage is significantly more vulnerable to aggro decks playing off the table than Odd Mage. He has not so many early creatures that would have great characteristics. The most useful - Arcanologist, Mad Mage. Look for them against all aggressive opponents, starting from the very beginning.

According to the general strategy, you shouldn't feel sorry for your key spells on enemy creatures. Do not hold a fireball in your hand in order to finish off your opponent in the uncertain future. In some cases, it will be necessary to give it even to some Fire devil or Corridor horror to prevent the output of the Gribomant, for example. The ice arrow is useful not only for damage, but also for slowing down effects: you can use it to gain time to search for other cards, even if you don’t finish a creature.

Often, things will not work in your favor because aggressive opponents are hard for Tempo Mage, and much depends on the approach of both players. But do not rush to give up, even if the situation seems hopeless: in the end, you can always take the risk and go "in the face" of all that you have. Throw the enemy with fireballs. Often, the aggressors have no way to heal, so the risk may well justify itself. But again, do not rely on such tactics as the only correct one. First of all, beat and go to the desperate attacks when you lose this fight.