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The death of the “Non Practicing Entity”?

Editor’s Note: This post original appeared on TechCrunch. While perusing the latest patent lawsuit filings on PriorSmart this week, I was drawn to a series of cases filed by a small company called PersonalWeb against RackSpace (possibly for hosting GitHub), Nexsan, Facebook, Apple, Yahoo, Microsoft, and

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Facebook’s Patent Acquisitions? They’re More About Google Than Yahoo

Editor’s Note: This article was originally posted in TechCrunch. In the past few months, Facebook’s patent portfolio has grown exponentially as a result of acquisitions of patent portfolios from IBM and Microsoft. After acquiring 650 AOL patents and patent applications from Microsoft, the company now has approximately 1,400 patent assets. Amazingly, only 46 of these assets (24 issued patents and22 [&hellip

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IP as an exit strategy

For any entrepreneur starting their company, the reward for a lot of hard work is typically a great new product that hopefully leads to customers, sales and wealth.  Of course, the end goal also often includes an exit strategy.  Generally, the exit strategy has been to be acquired or to have a successful IPO. The [&hellip

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