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USPTO provisionally invalidates Apple’s bounceback patent

In the on going battle between Apple and Samsung, FOSS patents reports that the USPTO has issued a non-final office action in the reexamination of Apple’s bounce-back patent No. U.S. Patent No, 7,469,381.  This patent was one of the patents Samsung was found to be infringing in Apple’s billion dollar verdict against Samsung.  While this is clearly [&hellip

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Samsung V. Apple And The Obviousness Standard

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared in TechCrunch. In the wake of Apple’s billion-plus dollar win in their patent suit against Samsung last week, much of the focus appears to be on the flaws in the patent system. Many argue that the suit involved patents that are “obvious,” and that Apple is a bully in enforcing them. [&hellip

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IP as an exit strategy

For any entrepreneur starting their company, the reward for a lot of hard work is typically a great new product that hopefully leads to customers, sales and wealth.  Of course, the end goal also often includes an exit strategy.  Generally, the exit strategy has been to be acquired or to have a successful IPO. The [&hellip

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